Our story


At the age of twelve, Patrick developed the vision to help as many people as possible to achieve their fullest potential after attending a seminar. Shortly thereafter he began working with multiple mentors to make this a reality. While working in Network Marketing, he established over 4,500 business partners across Europe and gave trainings to over 1,500 people on how they too can create successful businesses.

Once Patrick turned 18, he underwent an 18 month intensive apprenticeship to be a trainer under one of the greatest teachers in Europe. From this point on he has lived in the field of potential development. Through Bob Proctor, who as of the beginning of 2018 was his most recent trainer, this field has begun to find a more profound dimension and depth to him. Patrick is thus more enabled to live according to his heart’s desires – giving the people a deep understanding about themselves and helping them to create permanent results.

Patrick has the gift of truly being able to understand and “read” a person. He find the point, the person has to work, on very fast. Because of his rhetorical finesse, Patrick knows how to help an individual replace the obstacles incorrect paradigms present with more constructive ones. Such ways of thought support and drive the personal realization of goals.


While a teenager, Theresa realized that coaching/teaching and work with others is her passion. This led her to studying to become a teacher. While teaching, she noticed how the rigid school structure truly is and that she don´t want to support it any longer, that this was not the right place to be. After that everything changed: new city, new people, self-employed. She started to work with Patrick as a coach and both together supported hundreds through seminars, webinars and 1 to 1 coaching sessions. At the same time she studied the material about the human mind/ potential and the universal laws deeply every day because for her this is the basic for a successful and fulfilled life. 

In the beginning of 2018, Bob Proctor came into her life, and she knew from the very first moment, that she had finally found her great mentor. Within a few weeks her vision had crystallized itself: she would help people with Bob and Patrick worldwide to develop their true potential, climb to a higher reality, and live a fulfilling life – personal and in business. 

Due to the former serious sport, Theresa raises the bar very high and follows this path very focused and disciplined. Thorugh her mentor Bob Proctor, she now understands that it takes no more effort to aim high in life, to achieve top-results than it already takes for smaller goals (Napoleon Hill). With her clear and sensitive style she manages to happily win the hearts of others, bring them to deep internal thought, and help them reach a higher level of awareness.