Our Labor of Love

We donate with each booking

Become one with nature and life


“Future is not a blow of fate. It is a result of our decisions today.”

– Franz Alt –


Our first heart project that we support with a fixed amount of every booking, is called “4Oceans“. The mission of both founders is to clean all oceans, seas and beaches of plastic garbage, which is absolutely commendable – otherwise we would soon suffocate from the mass of plastic garbage. Of course, it is important to start at the beginning of the chain, yet it is great that the two took action. A huge value for the entire society! Take a look at the project! We think that all helpers do a phenomenal job! Thank you for your work! www.4ocean.com 

Save the Rainforest 

The second effort we wholeheartedly support is “Rettet den Regenwald e.V.“. Every signature, donation, and purchase enables the members of the organization to stand against the deforestation of rainforests. Such actions save the lives of many thousands of animals, preserve ecosystems, and protect the beauty of nature. It is now time to become active and defend our source of life as well as that of other living creatures. www.regenwald.org 

Giving brightens the heart. Join us in supporting these causes if it also brings you joy. By doing so we are able to create a new world in multiple ways.